Art at Kulenburg care center

Many elderly people, especially in care centers, cannot leave their home at the moment. I know musicians are playing at care centers, bringing relief to the residents. I am not musical, but I am creative. If the corona virus were not there, I would exhibit now and build installations. Now that is not possible. Or is it ?!

From tomorrow, Wednesday April 22, I will build an installation in the exercise garden of Kulenborg care center in Culemborg. A place where many apartments and sheltered homes look out on. About three days I will climb some pear trees with a ladder, attach wires to branches, and attach them to the ground with tent pegs. In short, I am building an installation as I often build it. But otherwise, because I am inspired by the place, I don’t have a concrete plan yet. But think of the installation ‘Connection’ that I built for LekArt in 2016. Maybe I will add some human images.

I think it’s nice to see me at work. Three days from 2 pm to 5 pm. Approximately. At some point my installation is finished. Then I will add lighting. It will be a light installation as I often make it. And when it is finished, one night Ellen Verhagen will play the piano in that installation. We work together more often, and italways creates a special atmosphere.

I spend my time in a useful way, use the void to create new work, to try something out. I keep track of progress on my blog. I post photos on Instagram, which you can also see on Facebook. But above all I do it for the residents who are inside. I hope they can enjoy it.

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