The Wanderer

Once upon a time there came to being this wanderer. Thought up by Dutch woodcarver Bart Ensing as an illustration of the present use of fortresses, the wanderer made up his own mind, gathered some words from Dutch poet Marion Steur and went.

He is 12 feet tall, he wanders his way through real-life and social landscapes, is fond of art, announces exhibitions and invites people to visit these exhibitions. The Wanderer (de Wandelaar in Dutch) had his own website and still has his own page on FaceBook.

The Wanderer is now on age and less on the road and less active on social media. On YouTube you will find a video of his earlier walks and of the tiny Matchbook in which we put him in pictures and text.

In spring 2024 the Wanderer is getting a larger brother as art of the Esther Loffeld Art Route in Reijmerstok, Limburg.