Art with and in nature

Bart makes you watch, feel, marvel

On this website you will find an overview of my art. I make art with and in nature. Wood sculptures in which the hand of the maker dominates, but in which the uniqueness of the wood found in nature is still tangible and visible. Installations in nature, often with wires, where I let people experience nature, trees often, differently, more intensively. Or in which I place human figures who enter into a relationship with the environment. Site-specific art. But I also make smaller installations, ‘reflections’ with which I bring nature inside. Finally, I make light installations, mostly in nature, that provide a special fairylike experience.

Installations and light installations I make mainly on commission, for events. Sculptures or “Reflections” can be viewed, bought, at exhibitions, see the agenda, at my home or in the webshop.

I appreciate questions or reactions!

Bart Ensing

wood art, wood sculptures, installation art, nature art, contemporary art, light art