cannot be visited, but it can be seen

These are strange times. We sit inside or go outside little. All exhibitions have been canceled. No KunstWandelRoute Hummelo, no Art Route Lochem. You can also no longer visit the Eye Candy 25 exhibition at Galerie Anita Ammerlaan in Roozendaal. But virtually you can! I made a video of the exhibition. Well, actually only from my part. 60 m2 on which I presented my work beautifully. Large and medium-sized sculptures of wood found in nature, or of olive wood. And a series of water nymphs made of wood from an archaeological excavation.
Look around and get an impression. Hopefully the exhibition will resume soon, otherwise the works will be back at my house later. And most of them can be found on my new website, and can be bought there too. Have a look!

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