A female figure enters the land from the water, in 5 images. The first figure largely under water, heavy, muddy. The following figures become lighter, more transparent. A woman with dress. The latter, on the shore, is the most open and transparent.
It is about the relationship between man and nature, about the connection with the earth and water, and beyond it. I leave it to the visitor to give it its own meaning.

I was making that work for the KunstWandelRoute Hummelo. I had almost finished the women, arranged the waders for placement. And then it was canceled; coronavirus.

So the women will stay with me for a while. Until next year, or rather in between at other events. And I continue to build on variants, with gauze and jute, with other materials. For in a garden, as a light object in the house, for sale. In a while they will appear on my website.

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