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A great event in difficult times

The past few days I was working at Care centre Kulenburg. I tied strings in three pear trees, tied them to the ground with pegs, and spoke to more elderly people than I did in years. Saw family members drop by and have conversations, through the gate, shouting at a balcony. And luckily quite a […]

Art at Kulenburg care center

Many elderly people, especially in care centers, cannot leave their home at the moment. I know musicians are playing at care centers, bringing relief to the residents. I am not musical, but I am creative. If the corona virus were not there, I would exhibit now and build installations. Now that is not possible. Or […]

cannot be visited, but it can be seen

These are strange times. We sit inside or go outside little. All exhibitions have been canceled. No KunstWandelRoute Hummelo, no Art Route Lochem. You can also no longer visit the Eye Candy 25 exhibition at Galerie Anita Ammerlaan in Roozendaal. But virtually you can! I made a video of the exhibition. Well, actually only from […]


A female figure enters the land from the water, in 5 images. The first figure largely under water, heavy, muddy. The following figures become lighter, more transparent. A woman with dress. The latter, on the shore, is the most open and transparent. It is about the relationship between man and nature, about the connection with […]

New website

Welcome to my new site! In my opinion it was time for a new website. I am no longer the wood artist I used to be. I do a lot more, make completely different work with my (light) installations. But what exactly do I make, why, what is the connection between the different things? Those […]