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All members of Kunstcafé Rivierenland were asked to tell something about their artistry, their development, and where they are now. I did it too, it gives a nice insight that I now also share here.

How and when did the artist in you arise… and where are you now?

In 2003 I was at home with a burn-out and started playing with a piece of aerated concrete. It became a sculpture, not bad, another series followed. Then I tried soapstone and then I tried wood. The ultimate material for me. At least for years. In addition to sculptures, I now make installations, from large to small, outside and inside, and I find that even more challenging. Not necessarily a specific material, but creating a work that suits a location, being inspired by the material and the environment. For example, I make large installations with wires, also abroad, or very small in a bell jar. And now and then, very calming, I cut another wood sculpture.

In your memory, when did you first come into contact with art?

I was never into art, never visited exhibitions or museums, even when I started sculpting. Until I was on holiday in Friesland and ended up in Oldeberkoop, at the Open Stal exhibition. Partly outside, so no threshold. I thought it was beautiful, interesting, and was surprised. Since then I have followed courses, mainly practical, but also learned something about art history, I see more art and I get more insight into it. But if I can choose between a walk in nature or a visit to an exhibition, I usually end up in nature.

Who or what prompted you to do something with your talent?

I think mainly myself. I had found something that gave me energy, instead of taking it, I wanted to continue with that. I made beautiful things and thought I should do something with it, I had a first exhibition and received enthusiastic reactions, sold. One thing led to another, and nowadays I am working on a broad scale, and I am increasingly able to find exhibition places or events where I can make art on location.

What are you doing right now? What are you up against in this time of corona, or do you see the advantages of the restrictions at this time?

I had some great plans for this year, several of which fell through. First I tore down my shed and built a new one. Before I was done with that, I suddenly had inspiration to do something with mirrors, for an exhibition at Galerie Sille in Oudewater. In that context I also made very small installations with trees, something I have wanted for a long time but never did. A wonderful development that makes me very happy. And suddenly I made Lock Down Art, figures locked behind glass, in cloches or preserving bottles. And recently I let a few figures escape out of their lock down. Very temporary art I hoped. It was not ment to be. The works are now at a gallery in Bennekom, very appropriately, in lock down. My shed is almost finished.

I have the peace of mind to make plans for great events in 2021. Especially a very challenging solo exhibition in a series of silos at CHV Noordkade in Veghel, and an Artist in Residency in Denmark. I’m having a good time.

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